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Central Administration


Peter Tetteh Kwabla

Head of Central Administration

An important structure in the organisation and functioning of the District Assembly is the Office of the Coordinating Directorate. It is the administrative and technical department of the Assembly and the office is headed by the District Coordinating Director. The District Co-ordinating Director is responsible for assisting the Assembly in the performance of its duties such as coordinating and harmonizing the work program of the departments of the District Assembly and decentralized departments.

The Coordinating Director is the Secretary to the Assembly and the head of the District Coordinating Directorate. The Director performs the following functions:

  1. Responsible for the day to day administration of the coordinating directorate of the District Assembly.
  2. Responsible for the implementation of the decisions and plans of the District Assembly.
  3. Secretary to the District Assembly, Executive Committee and the Entity Tender Committee.
  4. Responsible for effective planning and budgeting.
  5. Observance of financial, stores and budgetary guidelines.
  6. Initiation, execution, monitoring and evaluation of development plans, projects and programs.



Patrice Mensah


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Asiedu Debrah Eugene


Michael Darko


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